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Unmatched iPhone Repairs

Are you looking to get a reliable iPhone 14 Plus repair in Charlotte, NC? Go Mobile is the number 1 repair place for you. We handle broken and malfunctioning Apple devices for our customers.


Whether you need a back glass replacement or an iPhone charge port repair service, we take care of all types of issues for you. Get yourself a repair service specially catered to your needs and wants.



We will be of service to you and your smartphone.

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iPhone 14 Plus Repair in Your Area

If you are looking to find “a reliable iPhone 14 Plus repair store near me” look no further than us. Go Mobile is the ultimate go-to place for your smartphone repairs. Let us help you reinstate your device’s former glorious conditions.


Don’t get too tense over whom to trust with your daily driver. We are here to make such worries go away. Entrust your device to us, and we assure you it will be in good hands.



The amount of effort we put into repairing your gadget is unmatched.

Repair Services For iPhone 14 Plus

Our repair store is the best when it comes to providing all types of repairs under one roof. Be it any kind of issue, you can trust us.

Screen Replacement

iPhone 14 Plus Screen Replacement

Cracks not only look bad but also make your device’s usability a hectic and very disturbing thing. Bring it to our store and get our service for iPhone 14 Plus screen repair, and say goodbye to spiderwebbed screens.

Battery Repair

iPhone 14 Plus Battery Repair

Does your phone need to be charged every now and then? Don’t let it take you down with it. Get our iPhone 14 Plus battery replacement service and welcome a long-lasting, fully healthy smartphone battery.

Water Damage Repair

iPhone 14 Plus Water Damage Repair

Did your smartphone take a deep dive in water or some other liquid? Beware, it can die if it isn’t looked at properly. To get the best of the rest of the people to have a good look in it, bring it to our store and avail our iPhone 14 Plus water damage repair service.

Charge Port Repair

iPhone 14 Plus Charge Port Repair

Does your phone have trouble getting connected to the charger and your personal computer? Maybe its charge port has gone bad. Bring it to us and let us fix its problems and provide you with the repair or iPhone 14 Plus charge port replacement service for your iPhone.


iPhone 14 Plus Unlocking

Done with the smartphone carrier limitations? Get your iPhone 14 Plus unlocking service to make sure it is not limited to a single carrier, and you can switch any time you want to without having to get a new phone altogether.

Data Recovery

iPhone 14 Plus Data Recovery

Lost Data is one of the most traumatizing things ever, not for you anymore, because Go Mobile is here with its premium iPhone 14 Plus data restoration service to bring your lost data back to life.

Choose Go Mobile

Go Mobile Store is the best repair place in town. We have incorporated a few things that ensure you get the most high-end repair services for your smartphone. Read below and decide for yourself.

Well-Trained Technicians

The repair specialists at our store are the best at what they do. And what they do is fix your gadget like it is supposed to be fixed.

High-End Parts

Replacement parts at our store are the most high-quality and premium. We provide fixes that last a lifetime. Don’t you worry about repair parts failure.

Quick Repairs

Despite the fact that we provide the most high-quality repair services, our repairs are very quick and less time consuming.


Our repair services are the most pocket-oriented and inexpensive. You don’t have to pay even a dime more than what is needed to be paid.


How can I get the iPhone 14 Plus repaired in Charlotte, NC?


Go Mobile is the most trusted store for iPhone 14 Plus repair in Charlotte, NC. Get your mobile phone worries taken care of by the most trusted set of people in your area..


How much does it cost to repair the iPhone 14 Plus back glass?

the cost for iPhone 14 Plus back glass depends on the price of the replacement part needed for the process. Get a quote now, and let’s get started with the repair process.


Can I get an iPhone 14 Plus earpiece and speaker fix?

Yes, we restore your iPhone’s usability by providing the most dependable iPhone 14 Plus speaker replacement.