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Top Repairs You Can Get

Is your Laptop having issues with proper functionality? Go Mobile is the most trusted repair partner for anyone wishing to get the ultimate device repair services. We are here for you when you need Chromebook repair in Charlotte.  


Get your gadget fixed in no time and use it however you like because you have a friend you can trust and rely on when things seem to go south. Entrust us with your device, and expect nothing short of perfect from our services.



Our repairs are designed to be long-lasting, helpful, and hassle-free, taking less time and costing less money.

Top Repairs You Can Get min
Chromebook Repair Store Near Me min

Chromebook Repair Store Near Me

Go Mobile is the best repair store in your area. If you are a resident of Charlotte, NC, we have what you are looking for. Our services are unmatchable for the prices you are more than just willing to pay.

We know everyone is looking for ease of access, and we are here to bring it to you on a silver platter. With technicians who can replace parts efficiently and without wasting resources, we provide the highest quality repairs you will ever have seen or taken.

The icing on the top is that we provide such a high-quality repair service in your neighbourhood for inexpensive rates. So, forget about expensive repairs and get the most affordable restoration ever.

try us once; you won’t regret it.

Our Chromebook Repair Services

We have been in the repair business for quite some time now; if we have learned something, many common issues always bother the owners of specific gadgets.

Screen Replacement 1

Chromebook Screen Replacement

Broken, cracked, dead, or pixelated displays are among the most commonly faced issues with Chromebook owners. If you encounter something similar, get it fixed from us, and we will ensure it no longer annoys you.

Battery Repair 1

Chromebook Battery Repair

If your Chromebook is no longer giving you the same battery time it used to. There is still a chance left worth trying. Get a battery repair service for your PC, and it may be the day we help you reinstate your device's former long screen hours.

Water Damage Repair 1

Chromebook Water Damage Repair

Has water gotten into your Chromebook, and you are wondering if it’ll live or die? Don’t waste time; bring it to our technicians and trust them to fix your gadget to the best of their abilities. Hopefully, they won’t disappoint you and us.

Charge Port Repair 1

Chromebook Charge Port Repair

Is the charging port on your Laptop done? Or does it take a few tricks to connect your PC to the charger? Say no to spending 10 minutes trying different things whenever you want to juice up your Chromebook. Get it repaired or replaced.

Unlocking 1

Chromebook USB Port Replacement

Plug and Play needs to work flawlessly to accomplish what it was created to do in the first place. If you have to play around with your device's USB ports to get connected to it, it's time to say goodbye to those issues and get your Chromebook a USB Port repair service.

Data Recovery 1

Chromebook Data Recovery

Lost data is the worst type of problem for anyone. It is mentally and emotionally challenging. Worry not; we have something you must be interested in. We can restore your accidentally deleted files. Although it seems impossible, we are here to try our best to make it happen.

Go Mobile | One Stop Shop For Repairs

Go Mobile Has the tools and techniques up its sleeve that make many things that seem impossible possible. Those tricks aid in getting the most out of the everyday functions of our repair store.

High-Quality Repairs

From iPhones to Computers, we fix everything. One thing that always stays constant with all of our repairs is the premium quality we deliver in our services. Rest assured, whatever you get repaired, we never decline our quality of service.

Trained Professionals

Our staff is very professional, trained and expert at what they do. They provide the most premium opinions as well as repair services. You have peace of mind when getting your device fixed at our store.


Precisely opposite to the quality of service, our prices are unimaginably low and down to the ground. We have vendors who provide the most affordable and premium parts, which helps us stay in business and provide you with the most pocket-friendly repairs ever.


We are as eager to repair your device as you are to get it fixed. So you can take a cup of coffee while we get it revamped without wasting even a split second of your precious time.


Can Chromebooks be fixed?

Yes, Go Mobile provides the most prompt and quick Chromebook repair in Charlotte, NC. Get it to us, and we will fix whatever issue it may be having./span>

 Do you fix Chromebook speakers, too?

If your Chromebook is mute even after maxing out its volume. There surely is a problem with its speaker. Get it fixed asap at our repair store.

 I need to get a Chromebook Camera repair service. What should I do?

Get a repair at Go Mobile. We provide the most reliable and convenient Chromebook repair services for you to benefit from.