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Motorola Phone Repair in Charlotte, NC

Reviving Motorola – One Fix at a Time

Get Your Motorola Phone Repaired

Being a proud owner of Motorola, Are you in Charlotte, NC, looking for a reliable Motorola phone repair service? GoMobile is your ultimate companion for smartphone fixing stores. We provide top-notch Motorola Phone Repair in Charlotte, NC

Get your smartphone fixed and reinstate its former functional condition. Be it any repair like water damage, broken screen, or faulty speakers. Our technicians know exactly what to do in each scenario.  

The repair process at our store is explicitly curated with you in mind. So, you can expect the most seamless and hassle-free services at GoMobile. 

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We are the number 1 Motorola repair store close to your residence. We know how frustrating it can be to find a store with what needs to be the best for any problem your device may have.

Every fault is critical and needs a unique set of keen eyes and hands to carry out the restoration. We have the best collection of people who can efficiently perform the repair process and have the utmost top observing set of eyes.

To top it all off, our technicians are well-versed in the tech world. They know all the intricate parts and any foreseeable problems that may arise during or after the repair process. We know exactly what you need to return to your daily uninterrupted life.


Motorola Phone Repair Services You May Need

If you are bothered by the faults with your smartphone, consider getting a repair and replacement service. Below are some of the most commonly fixed issues of Motorola Phone at our one-stop shop.

Motorola Phone Screen Replacement

Be it any phone or gadget, cracked and broken screens are one of its most commonly faced issues. If you see spiderwebs on the front of your phone, it's time to have it replaced by a professional. Don’t try DIY because it is very time-consuming and complicated.

Motorola Phone Battery Repair

Have a device that constantly needs to be charged? Maybe the battery has had enough and is now dying sooner than it should. Therefore, we are here with our top-quality battery replacement service for your phone’s long-term survival.

Motorola Phone Water Damage Repair

Water isn’t your phone’s best friend; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A bag of rice does not cure liquids seeping into your smartphone. Bring it here and let the technicians save your device from dying.

Motorola Phone Charge Port Repair

Maybe the charger is not the culprit for your phone’s low battery output or lack of connection to the power outlet. Charge Port can be as much of a crime partner as your battery or cables can be. Get your phone’s charging port checked for issues; if needed, replace it before it makes your phone unusable.

Motorola Phone Unlocking

Are you tired of getting low internet speeds and high network usage costs? Or do you want to stir things up a little and use a new carrier? Phone Unlocking is now available at our store. We can help you escape carrier restrictions and choose freedom of choice over anything else.

Motorola Phone Data Recovery

Have you accidentally lost your important photos, videos, or documents? Don’t worry; we know how to get those back. Come over to our store and let us figure out how problematic the situation is, and we will give you the good news of data retrieval.

Why GoMobile?

GoMobile is the ultimate one-stop solution for your phone problems. We revamp all types of smartphones, from iPhones to Samsung and Motorola Phones. Our priority is always to get you what you want at the prices you are willing to pay.

Trained Techs

Our technicians know how to fix any problems you may face with your smart device’s usability. We help you get what you want your phone to do and remove any obstacle that may fall your way.  

Premium Repairs

Premium is the middle name of our repair services. Rest assured, we use the most advanced and premium quality replacement parts for your smartphone. You are getting the most out of such a little expenditure on fixing your device.

Quick Turnaround

The turnaround times at GoMobile are very convenient. We provide hassle-free repair services at a lightning-fast pace. We never overspend even a single second. That is how much we value your and our time.  


Despite being premium and specially curated for you, our services are competitively priced and budget-friendly. You can expect the most cutting-edge repairs at affordable rates.


You can get Motorola Phone repair in Charlotte, NC, at GoMobile. We provide your area’s highest high-end repair services at very reasonable rates. You can get all repairs under one roof if you wish to get it fixed from us. 

If your phone is running on the old battery that came with it, replacing it may improve its overall battery life and performance. Come to our store and let our technicians work magic on your smartphone.

Getting a repair service is usually more convenient and less troublesome than replacing the whole device. There are fewer things to worry about in a repair, along with being less expensive.