Phone repair near Mecklenburg County Sportsplex at Matthews.

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Phone Repair Near Mecklenburg County Sportsplex at Matthews.

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Apple repair near Mecklenburg County Sportsplex at Matthews.

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At the Mecklenburg County Sportsplex at Matthews, they offer a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, sports facilities, and event venues.

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Bring Your Kids to the Sportsplex.

If you have children between the ages of 2-17 and live in Mecklenburg County, you need to come out to see what we have here. We offer a wide variety of sports leagues for kids of all ages that are not offered at your typical gym. The clubs will work with your child’s age group on which sport is best suited for them.

The facilities also offers a wide variety of activities including rock climbing, gymnastics, indoor soccer and basketball as well as arts and crafts events. So there is something here for everyone!

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The sportsplex is up and running.

So you can stay active, whether it’s with a group fitness class, an early morning run on the jogging trail, or just playing a game of tennis with friends.