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Xbox Repair in Charlotte, NC

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Your Xbox, Our Expertise: Go Mobile – Xbox Repair Charlotte

Welcome to GoMobile: Xbox Repair in Charlotte, NC – your one-stop destination for all things Xbox! Are you tired of those frustrating gaming glitches, pesky hardware issues, or that stubborn black screen haunting your gaming sessions? Fear not, for our expert team of Xbox wizards is here to breathe life back into your beloved console. 

From the iconic Xbox One to the cutting-edge Xbox Series X, we’ve got you covered with top-notch repairs and lightning-fast service. Say goodbye to gaming downtime and hello to uninterrupted adventures in the virtual realms. Get ready to level up your gaming experience because at GoMobile, we make Xbox repair a breeze!

Xbox Repair in Charlotte NC
Xbox Repair store in Charlotte NC

DIY No More: Charlotte's Xbox Repair Specialists.

Skip the risks and let our professionals handle your Xbox repair needs.

If you are experiencing issues with your Xbox and considering a DIY repair. Then before you grab your tools and try to fix it yourself, it’s important to understand the risks involved. DIY repairs can often lead to more damage and even void your warranty. That’s where our professional services come in. We have the expertise and experience to handle all your Xbox repair needs. 

Trusting professionals not only saves you time and frustration but also guarantees that your Xbox will be repaired correctly, allowing you to get back to your gaming adventures without any further worries. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your valuable gaming console – choose Go Mobile Xbox Repair for reliable and professional services that you can count on.

Go Mobile | Xbox Repair Services

Stay in the Game: Expert Playstation Repair Services.

Our range of Xbox ONE repair services covers a wide variety of issues, ensuring that we can fix any problem you might encounter. Whether it’s a disc drive not reading game discs, system errors preventing a proper boot-up, HDMI port damage, no power, Wi-Fi connection issues, or even motherboard damage, we have you covered.

Xbox Controller Repair in charlotte NC

Xbox Controller Repair

At Go Mobile, we offer Xbox controller repair services that allow you to replace defective controllers with compatible models, and repair analog sticks, triggers, and bumpers as needed. We also replace damaged thumbsticks or shoulder buttons and check connections for proper continuity and signal flow. We can also assist with your gaming experience and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing with the controller.

Xbox Software Troubleshoot in charlotte NC

Xbox Software Troubleshoot

At Xbox, our Software Troubleshoot Service provides specialized tools and techniques to diagnose software issues on your console. Our experienced technicians can examine internal components for any signs of hardware failure, identify compatibility issues between multiple elements in the system, update existing drivers and firmware as required, and perform a system restore to fix any errors and optimize performance. By using our Software Troubleshoot Service, you can have peace of mind that your console will be running smoothly and efficiently.

Xbox Hard Disk Drive Repair in charlotte NC

Xbox Hard Disk Drive Repair

We offer a comprehensive Xbox Hard Disk Drive Repair Service. We inspect defective drives for mechanical issues or hardware malfunctions and replace faulty hard disks with compatible models. Our technicians configure the settings to ensure optimal performance and test the drive for proper read/write operations. We also securely attach the drive to the console chassis to make sure everything is in working order.

Xbox Power Supply Repair in charlotte NC

Xbox Power Supply Repair

Our Xbox power supply repair service offers the replacement of defective power supply units with compatible replacements. Also, we inspect existing wiring for damage and ensure that all safety features are functioning properly. We also test all components of the new power supply unit to ensure proper voltage and amperage levels. In this way, we guarantee you a top-quality repair service that is reliable and effective.

Xbox HDMI Port Repair in charlotte NC

Xbox HDMI Port Repair

At Go Mobile, we offer Xbox HDMI port repair services to ensure your gaming console is performing at its best. To start, we replace any defective HDMI ports with new components, checking the connections for proper continuity and signal flow. We guarantee a secure attachment of the HDMI port to the motherboard and test the connection for correct audio and video output before completing a job.

Xbox Repair Diagnostics in charlotte NC

Xbox Repair Diagnostics

Do you need Xbox repair service? We offer diagnostic services for all Xbox models. Whether it's a hardware malfunction, software problem, or any other gaming console-related issue, Gomobile's Xbox repair diagnostics service is designed to efficiently diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

Where Trust Meets Technology: Make the Right Choice with Us!

When it comes to Xbox repairs, Go mobile Xbox repair services is your go-to choice. Trust us with your console, and we’ll have it up and running like new in no time. Choose convenience, expertise, and reliability with us!

Highly Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have years of experience working on gaming consoles and they are certified to repair all types of Xbox models. With their expertise, you can be sure that your console will be fixed with precision and skill. 

Affordable Prices

Go Mobile is proud to offer our customers affordable prices on all Xbox repairs. We provide cost-effective solutions for replacing Xbox consoles for our customers. At our shop, we ensure that all repairs are done right the first time.

Quality Parts

At Go Mobile, we use only the highest-quality parts for Xbox repairs. Our technicians are knowledgeable and understand which parts are compatible with your specific console. We guarantee that all replacement parts are genuine and will provide the necessary performance for your Xbox console.


We guarantee our work, which is why we offer a warranty. Please contact us if you encounter any problems following the repair.

Comprehensive Repairs

From the red ring of death (RROD) issues to disk drive problems, overheating, software glitches, and more, we can handle a wide range of Xbox repair needs.


How much do repairs cost?

The cost of repairs can differ based on the specific repair needed and the necessary parts. We offer transparent pricing so that you are aware of the expected costs before we start repairing your Xbox.

How long will it take to fix my Xbox?

On average, repairs are usually finished within a timeframe of a few days up to a week. However, in cases where the problem is more intricate or requires ordering specific parts, it may take longer to complete the repair process.

What kinds of services does Go Mobile offer?

Go Mobile offers Xbox repair services in Charlotte, NC including diagnostics, upgrades, software troubleshooting, and hardware replacement. We also provide preventative maintenance services to keep Xbox running optimally.

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