LG Corporation

LG Electronics is one of the largest producers of electronics in the world. The company also makes TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, microwave ovens, and a lot of other electronic products. LG was founded in 1969 by Soon-Shik Oh. The company was founded by the South Korean government to help the nation recover from the war. It was the first electronics company in the world. In 1971, LG was the first electronics company to have its own TV sets. They were called DLP technology TV sets. They had a high definition. The first color TV was produced by LG. The company produced its first digital watch in 1999. In 2007, LG sold more than 5 million digital watches. This site Go Mobile Cell Phone Repair Shop.

LG Electronics started out as an electronics company. The first products they made were portable radios. They were successful in this business because they offered low prices. They offered these low prices because they didn’t have a lot of overhead costs. They only had to pay the salary of the workers. In fact, they still keep their overhead costs very low. They keep the expenses low by using simple packaging for their products. They also keep their labor costs low. The factory managers have little authority and little power.

This is a big advantage for them. The managers have a lot of authority and power if the workers are happy. In fact, if the workers don’t like their jobs, they can even leave. Learn more

Many companies try to be as cost-effective as possible. They use as much automation as possible and keep their labor costs as low as possible. They are willing to cut corners to reduce their costs. For example, they might use a simple package instead of using a cardboard box. They can also reduce their labor costs by paying their employees a lower wage. The more workers that are employed by the company, the more money the company will make. However, they must make sure that their workers are happy with their jobs. If the workers don’t like their jobs, they might even consider leaving. If the workers are unhappy, they will cause problems for the company. The company might not be able to sell its products.