6thSense is an online marketplace where companies can list products and services for sale. The company has offices across Europe, North America, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. They offer sellers the ability to advertise on their site, create listings with photos and videos, upload documents, manage inventory, track orders, and much more. The #1 Mobile Repair Shops near You.

Create a profile: Before you start listing items for sale, you should set up a personal account. You’ll need to provide your contact details, such as name, phone number, and address.

List your product: After creating a profile, you can add a new item for sale by selecting it from the dropdown menu. You will need to enter some information about your product, including a description of what it is, its condition, and any additional requirements. You can also add a photo and video if you wish.

Promote your item: Now that your item has been listed, you’ll want to promote it. You can do this through advertising, but you can also use other channels, such as social media. Learn more

Track orders: Once you receive payment, the buyer can place an order for the item. You’ll need to wait until the customer sends you proof of purchase before shipping.

Ship: When the order is complete, the seller ships the goods. If there are any problems during the shipment, the client can send a message, and the seller can respond as needed.

Review: To ensure the quality of your product, you’re going to have to review it once it arrives. You can take photos or videos to show how the item looks, and you can write reviews about the items. These are excellent ways of increasing sales and improving brand awareness.

Close out orders: Finally, after all, customers have placed an order, you can close out each one.