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Most of us probably don’t really care about hard drives because they seem so obvious and easy to replace. However, when it comes to repairing iPhones, people tend to be a little wary. After all, an iPhone is a very expensive device and if something goes wrong with it, then you’ll likely need to pay a lot for repairs.

Fortunately, there’s a way to fix an iPhone screen without spending any money on tools or parts. In fact, we’ve found that most of the time, this method works just fine. All you need to do is follow our guide and get started. Learn more iPhone 11

If you’re looking to fix your own iPhone screen, you first need to find out what part of the phone you are dealing with. If you can identify the specific component that needs fixing, you will be able to work much faster.

In order to figure this out, you simply need to look at your phone. You can check whether or not you have cracked glass by peeking under the display and seeing how it feels.

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Charlotte iPhone Repair

iPhone is a very popular mobile phone in the world. With so many different models available, you can’t help but wonder how to fix your own iPhone. So here I will share with you some tips for repairing your iPhone.

1. First, you should remove the battery from the device. Then, open the case, pull off the screen, and take the back cover apart. You can use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the screen on. Once the screen is removed, you can easily access the circuit board. Remove all of the components by gently prying them away.

2. Next, you need to replace the display glass. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to put a new piece of tempered glass into the frame. This method is relatively easy, but you’ll have to carefully align the pieces before snapping the frame together.

3. If you don’t want to spend time putting the new glass in place, you can also buy an adhesive film that you can stick onto the original glass. It’s a little more difficult, but it’s much faster.

4. Now that everything is ready, you just need to reassemble your iPhone.

Next, you need to replace the display glass. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to put a new piece of tempered glass into the frame. This method is relatively easy, but you’ll have to carefully align the pieces before snapping the frame together.

If you don’t want to spend time putting the new glass in place, you can also buy an adhesive film that you can stick onto the original glass. It’s a little more difficult, but it’s much faster.

Now that everything is ready, you just need to reassemble your iPhone. You should follow all of the steps in the assembly instructions. When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful display once again!

5. The other option for fixing the broken screen is to send the phone back to Apple. They will fix the display and the glass for you. This method is not free, but you may be able to get some discounts or rewards if you are willing to wait longer than 30 days.

Charlotte Apple Repair is an established mobile phone repair business based in North Carolina. Founded by Kevin Jones, who wanted to create a better service than just repairing phones at his local retail store. He started with only one employee and was able to grow into a thriving business that now employs over 20 technicians. His goal for the future is to expand even more and continue to offer the best possible customer experience.

The key to success lies in offering the most affordable prices for repairs while still maintaining top-quality workmanship. At Charlotte iPhone Repair, customers can expect to receive high-quality, reliable services. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty as well. Click for more info

Kevin learned the trade from a family friend who owned a cell phone shop back home. When it came time to start his own, he knew exactly what needed to be done. The first thing he did was hire a manager. With her help, he built up a small network of loyal clients. This helped him gain a reputation for honesty and reliability. These qualities have since earned him a loyal client base.

He also made sure to train all of his employees thoroughly. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled them to achieve excellent results.

Repairing your old phone is not an easy task. You may think about spending so much money on repairing the device, but there are also many affordable options available that will help you to get back your beloved phone. Today I am going to tell you some of these options and how to do the repairs at home.

What you will need?

You will require a soldering iron and a small screwdriver. These two items will be enough for your repair.

Steps for fixing the damaged screen.

First of all, remove the SIM card and memory chip. After removing the chips, you will get to see the battery as well.

Now, take out the screws and then pull them away from the housing.

After pulling the whole thing apart, you can now see the LCD panel. The reason why you are doing this is that the LCD glass has become cracked and you can fix it easily. List of Flat Panel Display Manufacturers.

Hold the screen firmly with your hand. Now use the soldering iron and start heating it up. Keep the flame a little higher than the normal temperature.

Once the soldering iron becomes hot, put it on the broken parts and heat them for 15 seconds or 1 minute depending upon the size of the crack.

Then take the metal tip off and let it cool down slowly.

Finally, replace the plastic cover over the new screen and keep it in place. Don’t forget to apply glue to the edges. Then plug the device again. You have successfully fixed the iPhone 7/7 Plus!

How to repair your iPhone 6s, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, etc.

Follow the same steps that I told you about earlier but instead of repairing the LCD, just fix the case. After removing the screws from the back side, you will find the motherboard.

Just follow the same procedure and then install the new case. It is very easy to do and once done, you are ready to go.

What if you don’t want to buy any tools?

There are some DIY kits available online which will help you to repair the phone without spending money.


In conclusion, I would recommend you consider repairing your phone rather than buying new. First off, if it’s an older model like the 1st generation iPod Touch, it’s likely that the screen has cracked due to age. While Apple covers screens under warranty for these devices, it does not cover water damage which will occur with regular use. Therefore, you could end up spending more money on repairs than you did on the initial purchase price. Secondly, many of us have had our phones die unexpectedly. This could be because we dropped them, they overheated and died, or something else.


Apple users know they can depend on getting excellent service when they buy an iPad or iPod Touch. But what if something goes wrong? What if your battery stops working, or the screen cracks, or even worse—what if someone steals it? The good news is that you can save money by fixing and replacing broken electronics yourself. You’ll learn how to take apart devices like iPods and iPads and fix them for free so that if anything happens to them in the future, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements. Plus, you’ll discover some tricks of the trade along the way to help you troubleshoot problems with any electronic device. Flexible Electronics.


First off, repairing iPhones isn’t for everyone, especially when you start looking at all the parts involved in making one. It can be expensive and time-consuming to do. The good news is there are plenty of ways around the issue without going down the “do it yourself” route. If you don’t want to deal with breaking your phone, you might consider getting a protective case. They come in a variety of styles from clear cases to rubberized ones. These can help keep your device safe. You should also check out different accessories. The last thing you need is a cracked screen on a shiny $600+ gadget.


1. If you have a broken phone, and you don’t know what to do, then we can help.

2. Your iPhone has a hard drive that is responsible for storing all your information.

3. This is the part you need to replace.

4. You’ll be able to remove the back, but it might take some effort.

5. Once you’re done with repairing the hard drive, you should use iTunes to restore your data.

6. You won’t need to reinstall any apps.

7. You’ll just need to re-download the content you’ve lost from iCloud or iTunes.

8. It’s important that you make sure you back up your photos before you begin this process.

9. You might need to buy new hardware, such as a memory card or battery.

10. In the end, you’ll have a working device again.


1. Why can I not use my phone normally after the screen replacement? The LCD backlight is installed incorrectly. This means that your backlight cannot be turned off when you switch to another app.

2. Is there any way to fix this problem? There’s no quick or easy way to repair the damage, so we recommend having it repaired by a professional technician.

3. Can I buy the same part used in other iPhones? We suggest using an official Apple part. However, the original part was purchased at different stores around the world.

4. What should I do if my case has been damaged? You can send the device to us and have it fixed.

5. How much will the job cost me? The price depends on the number of repairs needed.

6. Where is my phone stored? Our technicians store your phones in a secure location. They are only working with one type of iPhone, and they do not open any parts of the phone.

7. Do I get my money back? All returned devices will receive a full refund. In order to receive a refund, you must return the phone within 30 days.

8. Does Apple pay for shipping and handling fees? No, we offer free shipping.

9. Will I be able to take my iPhone to someone else? We will not allow anyone else to work on your device. It is important that you trust our team to repair your phone correctly.

10. What is the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5? The iPhone 4S has a slower processor.

11. Will I lose data if the repair takes longer than two hours? This won’t happen.

12. Why do some customers complain about their screen replacement? You may experience a delay in processing orders. We apologize for any inconvenience. Check this out OLED.

13. I received my phone back, but it is broken again. Is there anything I can do?

Charlotte iPhone repair

iPhones are very popular phones. This means that you will probably be asked about iPhones more than you would be asked about other phones. If you do get asked about iPhones, then you should be able to help the person with the question. This is because you should know how to repair your iPhone. When you have a problem with your iPhone, you should always check out the internet first. Many websites on the internet can help you to fix the problem. Many people like to fix their iPhones themselves.

However, if you don’t have much experience with fixing your iPhone, then you should call your local Charlotte iPhone repair store. Our Charlotte store can help you with any problem with your iPhone. If your iPhone gets damaged, it is time to call a repair shop. You should do this because iPhones are a valuable possession. The people who have iPhones love their phones. They also use their phones a lot.

This means that you can’t risk your phone being damaged. When you call a repair shop, they will tell you what needs to be done to fix your iPhone. Some of the repair services may cost a lot of money. You should consider the cost of the repair, as well as the value of your phone. When you have a damaged phone, you should take good care of it.

Your iPhone is an important tool in your life. Without it, you can’t communicate with your friends and family. You also can’t listen to music or watch videos. Fortunately, your iPhone can be fixed easily. Our team has been repairing iPhones for years, so we can get your phone up and running again in no time. Contact us today to book an appointment! Additional info Sensacell.

But it is still very functional. Your iPhone may have started giving errors. It may show a blank screen. Or your phone might turn on and shut off over and over again. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that something has gone wrong with your phone. You need to find a reliable place to get it fixed. You can contact us to take care of this. Our technicians can look at your iPhone to determine what the problem is. We can replace any defective parts. We will also check the condition of your iPhone. If you need your iPhone repaired quickly, we can fix it while you wait. You can bring your iPhone to our store. Or you can schedule an appointment online. Either way, we will get to work on your phone.

If your iPhone is not working properly, it may show a blank screen. There may be a message telling you that your iPhone is low on memory. If your phone is turning on and shutting off constantly, it could be the battery.