Roll-to-Roll Processing


The maintenance process should be done on monthly basis. Make sure you clean it well and lubricate the bearings with oil.

Grinding medium

You can purchase some ready-made media and it is also possible to make it at home by mixing the right proportions of sand, silt, and clay. But it would cost you around $1 per pound for buying it from a professional supplier so don’t go for that option. Click for more

If you want to do this, then you will have to mix them first using water and later add lime and other additives. If your grinding is going slow and heavy, then you may need to adjust the speed of the motor, and if you see dust particles, then change the material.

Checking the rollers

The Roller mill consists of four rollers that are attached to a shaft. The diameter of each roller is slightly smaller than the previous one and they rotate in opposite directions and grind the product. It has been found that this design makes it easier for the product to move between the rollers.

In case of any problem, then you must check the rollers because the rolling mill is the most important part of the whole system. You should always replace the worn parts immediately. You can contact a local dealer or an industrial service center and ask about the price of replacing these components.

Make sure that you keep your mill cool during operation and heat up only when needed. Keep a log book where you record all the information on daily performance. Learn more


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In order for your organization to grow, it needs to process roles in the right manner. If not, it could lose money because of the wrong way of doing business. However, the disadvantages are huge, the main one being the cost. It’s a costly method, both financially and time-wise. So what exactly is the roll-roll approach? Well, it’s a system where each customer receives their own set of paper. They then go through the process by themselves, taking off the labels and applying them to the product as they see fit. This can take weeks, even months.