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Detailed FAQs

Is your computer not ready to turn on? First, ensure the power supply is functioning correctly. Next, verify that all power buttons are working properly. If that doesn't solve the issue, inspect the internal components, such as CPU power connectors and motherboard parts. Still stuck with the same problem? No worries; our expert technicians here at Go Mobile Repairs will help you out. We will repair your computer in no time.

At Go Mobile Repairs, we have a solution for every complicated issue. We have expert technicians who will diagnose your computer's external and internal hardware. They will fix the damaged or non-working components inside. Your computer will start working again after our technician's finest repairs. So visit our store now and get your computer to recover perfectly.

The Reason can be a damaged computer Motherboard or LED. There is the possibility that the graphic card is seated improperly or has integrated graphic issues. Short circuits can also be the reason that your computer is not turning on. In order to find out the exact problem, consult our skilled technicians at Go Mobile Repairs. We have the advanced tools and equipment to fix every problem accurately.

A faulty power supply can be the culprit of these issues. Before turning on the computer:

  1. Check the power supply and reset BIOS to default settings.
  2. Test RAM sticks and remove all the external devices.
  3. Ensure that all the fans and heatsinks are completely clean and in working condition.

But if the issue persists, come to our professionals, and we will revive your computer performance back to its best condition.

No, it's not a normal thing for a PC. A problematic Power supply unit doesn't deliver the accurate voltage, which results in a booting issue. Insufficient storage, RAM issues, and software problems are also its causes. If you want to find out the accurate reason behind this problem, come to our store without any hesitation. We will troubleshoot your computer to determine the exact issues. So, opt for our best computer repairs now.

It seems that your computer is facing specific issues that need to be addressed immediately. Most possible issues can be within the power supply, motherboard, RAM sticks, or the power button. But, you should seek the professional's help, to determine the exact matter. At Go Mobile Repairs, we will definitely resolve all your PC issues, no matter how complex. Trust us to get your computer again in its full working state.

There may be a faulty computer display connection or an incorrect input source causing these issues. To rectify this, entrust your computer to our professionals. We will address all the problems, whether related to hardware, graphic cards, or RAM sticks. Your PC will be in trusted hands at the Go Mobile Repairs. Book a quote now and experience the finest recovery services.

Properly check the display connections and ensure that HDMI, Display ports, or DVI is connected to the monitor. If the Monitor screen is still black, then reach out to our experts. Our technicians will fix every issue with great precision.

To fix this problem:

  1. Check disc errors or any corrupted files that can cause slow startup problems.
  2. Disable unnecessary startup programs and scan for malware. If these steps don't work, update your computer's windows or free up disk space.
  3. If you can't handle this issue, visit our store and upgrade your computer functioning.

Follow these steps, if your new PC is not powering on. Check the power connections, such as CPU power connectors and PSU switches. Make sure that the CPU, RAM, and GPU are properly seated.  Try booting your computer only with essential hardware or reset BIOS settings. You can also take the help of a professional at Go Mobile Repairs. We will thoroughly address and fix any issues with your computer.

Is your computer making a weird noise? It's usually because there is a breakage inside, such as a capacitor or graphics card. A coil, a fan, the ram, whatever it may be, we can get you fixed up. Just ask our computer repair team. They'll inspect the motherboard or capacitor. They'll find out what the problem is, they'll replace the faulty parts and have you back up and running with a fresh computer.

Pinpoint the source of the noise, whether it's the fans, hard drives, power suppliers, or coil whine from components like graphic cards. If the culprit is a fan, give it a good clean, adjust its speed, and add fan dampeners. If it's a hard drive making a racket, swap it out for a quiet SSD. Tighten any loose parts to prevent rattling. If Still stuck with noise. Count on us at Go Mobile Repairs to eliminate the problem with expert precision.

The fan's grinding sound reveals a problem. Dust buildup, worn bearings, bad installation, or internal damage can be the causes. Fixing this problem is easy. Clear the dust and check for damage. Or, let our expert Go Mobile Repair technicians replace the fan. They'll install a new one and repair any damage to get your computer's fan running smoothly again.

Noisy fans are usually caused by dust buildup, but not always. Dry bearings, loose components, and hard drive issues can also produce excessive noise. Furthermore, when the thermal paste between the CPU and cooler dries out, it can add to the racket. High temperatures and humidity can also harm your computer's parts. They cause unwanted noise.

Mechanical hard drives make noise when spinning up or down. Fans, optical drives, and loose parts can also cause sounds. Identify the source, check your hard drive's health, and clean and secure components. If the noise persists or you experience slow performance or crashes, consider our computer repair services at Go Mobile Repair Store.

Most of the time the computer runs slow and makes buzzing noises because of overheating, a faulty hard drive, or a PSU. Malware or hardware failures can also be the reason. To resolve these problems, start by cleaning your computer and scanning for malware. Next, inspect your hardware. If the issue persists, our experts can help. They will diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring your computer runs smoothly again.

CPU fan blades clogged with dust and debris force the fan to work harder and generate noise. Also, damaged bearings or a misaligned fan can cause loud noises. High CPU temperatures or faulty power supplies can produce noises, too. First, clean the fan and heat sink. Next, ensure the fan is properly installed and adjust its settings. If these steps fail, our experienced Go Mobile Repairs technicians can replace your CPU fan to stop the noise.

Stay calm if your computer's hard drive fails. First, check that all cables are securely connected, update drivers, organize your disk, and fix file system errors. If you're still stuck, let us help. Our experts will get your hard drive running smoothly again. We will solve the most challenging problems. If there is physical damage, we replace it to ensure the best result.

Fix a corrupted hard drive and ensure that all cables are plugged tightly into the motherboard or hardware. Run the Windows file system checker to fix corrupted system files that are messing with your computer's hard drive. Use data recovery tools to back up your important files. If that doesn't work, try formatting the drive. If you still have trouble. Our hard drive repair experts can help. They'll fix or replace the hardware components to get your hard drive running quickly.

Fix a non-booting hard drive without formatting by following these steps. First, boot into safe mode. Next, run a startup repair using the Windows recovery environment and repair boot configuration data. If corrupted files are the issue, use the system file checker to fix them. If you need to back up important data, use a live Linux USB. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to visit our experts at our store during working hours. We're ready to help you fix your gadgets smoothly.

A non-spinning hard drive is a major headache. It usually points to hardware problems. To tackle this issue, first, ensure the power supply is securely connected to the hard drive. Then, inspect for damaged or loose components. Try testing your computer's hardware on another machine. For external drives, check the power adapter. As a last resort, attempt data recovery using the freezing method. If all else fails, our certified experts at Go Mobile Repairs can confidently resolve the problem for you.

Resolve the problem by booting your laptop and going into the boot option settings in BIOS. Next, verify that the SATA mode hasn't been altered. Ensure the new SSD is properly formatted, and its partition style is compatible with your system firmware. Update your laptop and SSD firmware to the latest versions. Securely fix the SSD in its slot to avoid loose connections. If the problem persists, trust Go Mobile Repairs for high-quality repair services. Get a quote now and we'll get started on fixing your laptop today.

Boot errors often occur due to simple mistakes like loose power cables or data cables. Damaged drives and ports can also be the culprit. First, try booting your PC in safe mode or a recovery environment. Then, remove and replace any drives with corrupted data. If these steps don't fix the issue, our experts at Go Mobile Repairs are here to help. We'll run a thorough diagnostic test and resolve all your device problems. Our services will help your PC to get back to its normal performing state.

Are you confused as to why the newly purchased computer is not able to detect the hard drive? There could be various reasons. Check for loose or unsecured connections, improper motherboard ports, and BIOS recognition issues. Faulty power connectors and cables can also be the culprits. Verify that all connections are secure, including power cables. If the problem exists, we will sort out your computer issues.

Yes, you can work in programs without deleting them. You can still use files on the hard drive. If your computer won't start due to a damaged hard drive, remove it. Then, connect it to another computer. This turns the internal drive into an external one for data storage. Alternatively, you can use data recovery software by booting from the USB drive to read the files on the non-booting drive. Using these steps, you can access your important documents on the hardware.

Is your internal hard drive not showing up? First of all, make sure that the power and data cables are connected accurately. Check for hard drive issues. Update the drivers and firmware. If the problem does not resolve then there is something wrong with the hard drive. Download a third-party tool like Crystal Disk, which can help you to find the problem. If you still have issues, then Bring them to our store. Technicians with expertise will identify the problem and present the most cost-effective solution.

There are three reasons for disk booting failure: wrong BIOS configuration, damaged operating system files, and hardware malfunction. Just carry your device to our store, and our technical experts will detect it in no time. They'll adjust the BIOS settings, verify secure connections, and boot your device in a safe environment to clear disk errors. Then, they'll restore your system and reinstall Windows. With our expertise, your computer will be running smoothly in no time.

Hardware issues, such as insufficient power supply or loose connections of data cables and components, are the main indicators of these problems. Short circuits can also trigger these issues. Furthermore, faulty hard drives and thermal shutdowns are two possible causes behind these shutdowns.

A bad power supply or a short circuit from incorrect hardware installation can stop your computer from turning on. It can also harm internal parts like the PSU and motherboard. For a precise fix, trust Go Mobile Repairs to identify and solve the problem.

Plug the keyboard correctly in the right port. Next, verify your keyboard settings, update and reinstall the drivers, and troubleshoot software problems. Inspect your keyboard for damage or dust debris and clean it if necessary. If these steps do not work, then investigate the hardware to find issues that could be affecting your keyboard.

To clean your keyboard, first shut down your computer. Then, remove the keycaps to reveal dirt and grime. Clean under the keys with a soft brush, compressed air, or isopropyl alcohol to remove dust and debris. Then, finish with a microfiber cloth or cotton swab to ensure a dust-free surface.

Some keys on my keyboard just sometimes don't work, others do, and then it will start working out of seemingly nowhere. I'm on a laptop. How can I fix this?

Remove dust, dirt, and debris from inside your laptop to guarantee optimal performance, and update your keyboard drivers - installing and uninstalling them may resolve the issue. If that fails, reset your laptop. Then, as a last resort, connect an external keyboard. This step will help to determine what issue is with your laptop's keyboard.

Fix a faulty PC HDMI port with ease. Bring your PC to Go Mobile Repairs, and our experts will run a free diagnostic test. They'll update your graphic drivers, reset BIOS settings, or thoroughly examine your HDMI port to get it working smoothly. With our repair services, your PC will regain its peak performance.

Get your keyboard working like new again. Bring it to our store, and our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your PC keyboard and update its drivers. We'll fix any software glitches or hardware damage, including broken or water-damaged keys. After our repair, your keyboard will function smoothly and efficiently.

Yes, at Go Mobile Repairs, your laptop HDMI Port can be replaced skillfully. Our certified technicians will expertly replace laptop HDMI ports using top industry parts. With our skilled team, you can expect effective prices and guaranteed results. Say goodbye to laptop troubles and hello to a fully functioning device after our seamless repair process.

The main causes of display issues are bad HDMI cables, loose connections, and old or broken graphic drivers. Also, hardware problems and interference from nearby devices can cause this issue. To fix this issue, visit Go Mobile Repairs, where we have a comprehensive solution for the problematic devices.

First, check the HDMI cable connection. Ensure you plug it in firmly – an inadequate connection can be the culprit here. If that fails, attempt to use a different HDMI cable and connect it to a different display port. Next, check your display output and consider updating your graphic drivers. Confirm the Monitor input source is correct. If hardware issues are suspected, investigate those as well. If none of these steps resolve the issue, our expert technicians are available to assist you further.

Laptop display issues are often caused by incorrect display settings, faulty display connections, or outdated graphic drivers. To troubleshoot, start by performing a hard reset and checking your external display and screen backlight settings. If the problem persists, update your BIOS display settings. If none of these steps resolve the issue, trust our experts to provide a thorough and effective solution.

You are left with the following repair options:  Purchase an  HDMI Port kit, which contains the tools to reattach the port to an external cable. If the cable is too damaged use HD Base T for the transmittance of signals. The best option is to use a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. It will eliminate the need for a physical cable connection. But, if you prefer professional repairs, then Go Mobile Repairs is available to assist you.

You can sort out this issue by checking the HDMI cable connection and ensuring the  Monitor is set to the correct HDMI input source. Update your graphic drivers and check display settings. Try using different Ports and adapters and connect them to the monitor. The most suitable option is to test your HDMI monitor with another computer to confirm it's functioning accurately.  If you still get no results, then come to our store. Our experts will restore your HDMI signals.

Yes, it can be fixed, it's very good if the screen is not broken. First attempt some D/Ys. If these don't work, then count on the Go Mobile Repairs for the perfect solutions. Our technicians will replace the laptop hinges. Using the high-standard parts, your laptop hinge will be functioning smoothly.

Using the laptop in such a situation can lead to further issues. It can cause the screen to misalign. Over time, it can further damage the keyboard or internal components. Broken hinges can cause damage to electrical wiring, which results in screen flickering, loss of display, or other malfunctions. If you want to use your laptop with a broken hinge, then keep it on a stable surface.  Provide it with strong support for extra stability.

The signs of broken and damaged hinges include:

  • Cracking noise.
  • Loose or wobbly screen.
  • The misaligned screen of the laptop.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing the laptop.

If you want to address the issues with your laptop hinge, hand over your laptop to us, and we will inspect the problems with your laptop hinge. If it has been damaged, our technicians will replace the Laptop hinge. Your laptop hinge problems will be resolved after our comprehensive repair operations.

You should pay attention to this problem in order to protect your laptop from further damage. Use preventive measures to avoid further damage. Handle your laptop with care while opening and closing. You can temporarily use duct tape to secure the detached part or can also use the laptop stand to keep it in the open position. If you want to fix it for a longer time, then Go Mobile Repairs is the best option to rely on. We will fix your laptop hinge and it will be working perfectly without any error.

It's a very delicate task to repair a loose laptop hinge. Firstly power off the laptop and unplug it, then open it with great care. Take off the bezel from the screen and then see where the hinges are. Next, take a screwdriver and tighten the screws. If the hinge is not tightened, then seek the help of a professional person. They will expertly tighten your laptop hinge within minutes.

Take control of laptop damage by following these steps. Carefully handle your laptop to extend its lifespan to a month or more. Always place it on a stable surface and limit its movement. Use external supports like stands or objects to position the screen at a comfortable angle. Refrain from placing heavy objects on your laptop and avoid applying extra pressure. By adopting these precautions, you'll minimize further damage.

Deep cleaning of the PC means cleaning of the PC inside and out.  To clean the laptop physically, use compressed air, isopropyl alcohol, a soft brush, or a soft cloth. Firstly power off the laptop, then remove the dust using compressed air or solutions, and clean the components or case. Then, again, reassemble the laptop. For deep cleaning inside, uninstall unnecessary programs, delete temporary files, update software, and scan for viruses or malware. And lastly, clean up your laptop disk space. These steps will help you to clean your laptop thoroughly.

Remove extra files and programs and speed up your computer's performance. Get rid of all malware and Update software.  You can also clean up your PC  disk space. For physical cleanup,  Remove the dust buildup using different tools and techniques. Clean the case and again reassemble all the parts. Your computer will run smoothly after this cleaning process.

You can deep clean your laptop internally by updating the laptop software. The action of deleting the extra files and programs can help. Eliminate all kinds of viruses by installing the antivirus software. Cleaning disk space, and optimizing browsing is also important to deep clean your laptop internally.

Not all totally free software needs to fix your computer problems. Different software has different capabilities and limitations; they can't completely resolve all issues. However, many free software like Avast and AVG detect and remove viruses, CCcleaner cleans up junk files, and Microsoft Safety Scanner removes malware, spyware, etc. But sometimes, they don't totally remove issues.

A single spark can be both alarming and damaging to your laptop. To avoid panic, start by inspecting your laptop for physical damage. Next, test its functionality, including all internal components, and monitor performance. If everything checks out, you're in the clear. But if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate. Bring your laptop to Go Mobile Repair. Our experts will carefully resolve them.

Cleaning a computer is a complex task, and it requires full attention. To accurately clean your computer, power off and unplug your PC. Use the compressed air for cleaning purposes, and clean the keyboard surface, mouse, or monitor with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Also, avoid liquid contact. After that, resemble the components again and get your PC  cleaned properly.

The cost of MacBook screen repairs varies. It depends on the price of replacement screen panels. But, At the Go Mobile Repairs, we relax our customers by offering the most affordable repair solution without any compromise on quality. So, schedule a quote now and benefit from the MacBook screen repairs at lower prices.

Yes, MacBook screens can definitely be repaired. If your MacBook is dropped and its screen has been damaged, then you don't need to panic. Come to us for screen repair or replacement. Our technicians have years of experience in repairing the screen of every MacBook model. With our repair works, your MacBook screen display will be back to its original sparkle. So come and visit us now to get quality repairs at budget-friendly prices.

It is not suitable to replace the MacBook Pro/Air screen with the screen of another MacBook model. If you want to replace your MacBook screen, then step into our reputable Go Mobile Repairs store. We will provide supreme quality screen replacement, which is designed according to your MacBook model. So, trust us to get your MacBook screen repaired at its peak position.

The severity of the damage decides this. If the screen is cracked or shattered, then it can possibly be repaired. But if the screen panel is shattered and broken into pieces, then the option is the replacement only.  To fix it flawlessly, enter Go Mobile Repairs, where your MacBook will get its shiny monitor display once again.

The cost of repairing a MacBook screen changes with time; however, in this era, where screen replacement is very expensive. Our store makes it possible for customers to repair and replace their damaged MacBook screens at very competitive prices.  We will replace your MacBook screen at wallet-friendly prices. Come to us now and get your device screen repaired.

No, it is not recommended to replace the MacBook Air screen with the MacBook Pro screen for a better display option. This is because these two models are designed specifically and have no compatibility. They have different physical dimensions and optimizations for hardware and software, so it's not feasible to install the MacBook Air screen into the MacBook Pro.

No, you can't get your MacBook Pro's older screen back replaced due to issues like staingate. It's Apple's policy to keep the replaced parts for recycling. If you want to keep the older screen for insurance documentation or personal records, then you can request it from an Apple Authorized service provider.

Yes, Go Mobile Repairs has the specialists and experts to repair the MacBook display screen. Using their skills, our technicians will remove the old MacBook Air cracked screen and install a new one. So, don't delay further. Hurry up and replace your damaged screen with a new branded one.

Yes, You should replace your Apple 5S broken screen with the new screen. For this purpose, you can come to Go Mobile Repairs, where every repair service is reliable and durable. Using Apple genuine parts, we will replace your phone's broken screen within minutes. So join us now at our store and see the difference.

At Go Mobile Repairs, you can get the best and most reliable MacBook screen replacement services. Our technicians are well trained and have all the knowledge and expertise to offer you the best MacBook Screen Replacements services. A satisfactory warranty also backs our screen replacement services, so come to us now and see the finest repairs happening at our store.

Is your MacBook Air 2012 not turning on properly? Then, check the power adapter and battery and try the different power adapters to turn it on. Inspect for physical damages like dents, cracks, or liquid spills. Reset PRAM or boot into the safe mode. If the problem isn't resolved, we are available for help. Confidently, come to our store and get your MacBook Air 2012 back to its premium functioning once again.

Don't buy a new MacBook; save money and repair the screen. This cost-effective solution is ideal, but it does require technical expertise to replace the screen of a MacBook Air. That's where Go Mobile Repairs comes in - our skilled professionals can fix your device quickly. We'll restore your MacBook to its former glory, making it hard to believe it was ever broken. Trust our expert screen replacement services to get a flawless screen back.

Restoring a MacBook Pro from a backup is an easy task. Make sure that the backup drive is connected to a MacBook Pro. Restart your MacBook Pro, and boot into macOS recovery mode. Access the disk utility from the menu and click continue. After formatting the drive, select restore from backup and click continue. Select the backup source and data, and complete the setup. After this process, your data will be restored to your MacBook Pro easily.

Completely wipe your MacBook Pro's internal drive.  Reload macOS using MacOS Recovery mode to restore it back to its factory settings. Firstly backup the important data, then sign out of iCloud. Restart macOS recovery mode. Access the Disk Utility and reinstall the macOS. After completing the setup, restore your data. Your MacBook Pro has now been reset to its factory settings.

There should be various reasons behind this. Firstly, check the adapter and cable connection, reset the SMC, and check the battery health. If the battery is dead or worn out then replace it at Go Mobile Repairs. We will install a new battery and remove the older one. If the battery is all right, then test your MacBook with a different power outlet. If the problem is still, then come to us for excellent solutions.

Putting an iPhone in a deep freezer can cause damage to its battery and other components because of getting exposed to extreme temperatures. Remove it immediately from the deep freezer and allow it to return to room temperature. Check any signs or symptoms. If there is any malfunctioning in its 

performance then immediately reach us at Go Mobile Repairs. We will rescue the life of your device. 

Yes, the MacBook bypasses the battery and operates directly from the power adapter when connected to AC power. So, in this way, the MacBook runs on a power adapter and doesn't draw power from a battery. This prevents them from disrupting charging cycles.  Keep your MacBook battery healthy for a long time by following the different steps like avoiding overcharging, preventing it from extreme temperatures, using optimized charging, etc.

Yes, it is completely OK to use your MacBook Pro while having a full battery along with the power adapter connection. It will prevent the battery from draining. In this case, your MacBook Pro will use power from the power adapter, not the battery.

The best way to keep the MacBook battery healthy is to use the features of macOS like optimized battery charging. Avoid extreme temperatures and deep discharges, calibrate the battery, and update the macOS regularly. These steps will keep your MacBook battery functioning and last for a longer time.

No, it is not recommended to put a dead laptop battery in a freezer; it can further harm the battery and is dangerous, too. Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and they can cause severe damage. If your laptop battery is damaged, don't attempt D/Ys. Seek our help at Go Mobile Repairs. Our technicians will repair or replace your battery and revive it in its fully functional condition.